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 “With a refreshing dose of reality and with no hysterics or histrionics, the author makes a convincing case for Sachin Tendulkar while taking us on an entertaining journey, backing his claims with well-reasoned arguments and statistics-based evidence.” 

 – Sivakumar Natarajan,

“One of the finest books written about Sachin Tendulkar.”     – Satya Vara Prasad Kandepaneni,

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“A thoroughly well-researched and eloquent defence of Sachin as the greatest batsman, this book will have you cheering Tendulkar on the louder if you're already a fan --- or sitting up and taking serious note if you're not.”                           – Sudarshan Kumar,

“As a Sachin fan, I was eager to lay my hands on this book. I knew he was a special batsman.....but to challenge the 'grand daddy' of cricket, Don Bradman was preposterous in many others view and even seemed dubious to me. I too grew up learning about the hallowed 99.94 figure. When I purchased this book it was more out of hope than conviction. I expected the book to highlight the numerous classy knocks of his career but what I saw surprised me. Grab a of the bravest attempts to demystify one of (the) biggest myths in cricketing history.”     – Joel,

“Here is a book that tells you why Sachin deserves a title greater than the Bharat Ratna. Rudolph has come up with a book as stunning as a typical Sachin innings.....the most insightful account of Sachin’s career not only because it proves Sachin is the greatest batsman but also because it demolishes much of the mythology around Don Bradman. What is unique about Rudolph’s research is its remarkable simplicity and accessibility. In a prose impassioned with stirring metaphors and revealing statistics, Fernandez makes the strongest ever case for Sachin.”               – Abhiram Ghadyalpatil in Swarajyamag

“Statistics apart, what strikes one is the elegant and easy style of writing that makes it a joy read.........a must-read for the devoted follower of the game.”

 – P M Bellliappa, The Hindu

“ eye opener about the injustice done to Sachin. Thanks to Fernandez for compiling the facts and statistics so that we can take a fresh look at Sachin’s record and grant him his true place in history as the greatest batsman ever.”   – Asohan Srikarunyan,

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